Monday, 22 August 2011

I think not...

I love the internet. I work in a library. So much of the internet relates to information gathering, and to story-telling.

In over a decade online, and with a job that involved assessing online tools, I have tried all kinds of optional gizmos and methods.

I invented blogs for sub-personalities. I contributed to Wikis (and started a couple of my own). I used MySpace a bit, Facebook a lot, Twitter rather diffidently.

I have studied online, and have taught online.

So it seems a bit silly, perhaps, to start another blog - but I have several Gmail accounts, and each one offers a blog and website option - so the temptation remains.

I find it hard to let things go. Especially now I am working on writing. Anything I have put online might prove useful raw material. But so many of us have put our lives online that sorting through it all, or retrieving anything, has become difficult.

I suspect I will simply use this as a kind of index of material already published.

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