Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mind mapping

With some enthusiasm, I adopted the Personal Brain mind mapping software. I had tried it in the past, and quite liked the look and feel of it, but as with any new system, you have to import quite a lot of data (the hard way) before it starts to flourish.

And I actually let it drift, and rarely open it, as it feels like a half-finished project. The even bigger aspect of sharing brains, etc - with Web Brain - has also faltered, just like so many 'sharing' models, like wikis, Shelfari, etc.

Here's one I made for the Maybe study group.
You can find the dynamic version of this at WebBrain, although it doesn't give you a complete idea about the flexibility and power of the software.  You'll be able to see a little bit of how the map can rearrange itself.
I also put a smaller one on the OM website (all experiments).

On my own blog, you can find some posts about Mind Mapping, here in April 2011, and then back in December 2010.  I had started by mapping my online presence on a board, with Post-It notes, but it grew and grew...

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