Saturday, 3 September 2011

Option: Opt In or Opt Out?

I have played with blogs as diaries and notebooks (i.e. mostly for my own use) that it has never occurred to me that I should try to gather fans or make money from them.  Most internet monetizing seem like variations of spamming forums with unwanted and semi-literate posts - not even trolling, heckling or finding some other motivated glee.

It seems too sad a life to get involved in, like 'addressing envelopes' in the old days (pyramid-selling, multi-level marketing, chain letters, and all that).

Of course, I have never shown any ability to take money seriously, because of my fundamental perception of it as a rigged game, and one whose rules I don't understand, even if I couldn't detect any cheating. The banker wins, so far as I could see, whether playing Pontoon or Monopoly, as a child.

So, I opted out, as far as that was possible.   It turned out impossible (for me) to avoid the money game completely - I'd have settled for Buddhist monk, maybe, but couldn't face Christian monk.

We all make choices.  My choice meant that I basically lived in cash and kind - but avoided credit and debt (two sides of the same coin, of course). Further consequences of living in cash?  No house/mortgage.  Not running a car.  Few holidays.  Clothes from charity shops.

That doesn't make me a complete freak (I meet other people who don't drive, for instance).  After all, some people opt out of wearing watches, and I can't even imagine surviving in a world where I had to depend on other people to know the time!

Car drivers can't imagine depending on public transport, or simply living a more limited and local life.

I don't opt out of everything.  In some areas I feel like an early up-taker, or even ground-breaker.

Which leads me back to blogs, and a website I hardly tweaked in the last decade, and all that.

Should I leave this detritus floating around neglected, or decisively remove it (leaving only a trace, maybe, in the WayBack machine, and a scatter of broken links?   It all remains some kind of archive.  Perhaps it may prove useful to someone, just as we may one day start mining city rubbish heaps for aluminium (say).

Anyway, for the time being - and failing any attempt to centralize all this stuff into some integrated nodal point - I have started this blog to try to at least consider the scale of the problem.

That I have still decided to use Blogger (who apparently only have 3% of the market these days) instead of something cool and new) either demonstrates my tendency to fall off the pace, or some kind of brand loyalty, or...hey, I don't know.

How could I possibly make money out of chatting to myself, when I should (apparently) be trying to create 'product', or saleable 'content'?    My niche seems so small, that it only has room for me!

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